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About diosha

"It wasn't until I found myself contemplating life or death that I realized that healing wasn't optional anymore; it was mandatory."

Diosha Davis is a mother, an Army Veteran, and has worked in the hospital as an Environmental Care Manager for several years. Diosha was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and moved to Houston in 2017. In her first published book, "Healing Starts Here," Diosha shares her past, revealing truths about her encounters with life-threatening circumstances, addictions, trials, and setbacks. She expresses why self-Love and vulnerability are so important to healing. She is an impeccable example of what it truly means to overcome and an amazing representation of RESILIENCE. Diosha has always had a passion for mentoring and caring for others, even during some of the darkest times in her life. "No one can make you feel inadequate about the things you've learned to accept, love, and appreciate about yourself. So don't just walk in your Truth, you have to STRUT in it!"

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