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This Time, I Choose Me

In her debut book, Healing Starts Here, Diosha Davis recounts when she spent a significant amount of her life drowning in the depths of her depression and suppressing her pain by self-medicating. From childhood trauma, dealing with adversity, additions, and so much more, Diosha was in a whirlpool of distress and self-destruction. 


Realizing that she played a major role in her biggest downfalls, Diosha decided to stop allowing negative things to consume her. She was determined to get to the root of her pain - and she did. Instead of making other people and situations a priority, she decided to put herself first. And that's when her healing began. 


After reading Healing Starts Here, you'll take a look at your past, assess where you've fallen short, and be inspired to reach your full potential. It's time to stop clinging to things that have caused you agony. What if the only thing standing between you and your purpose was you? Would healing then, still be optional?

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